At the Cross-Roads

The Jedi Qui-Gon Jinn rolled jerkily in his bed back and forth. Finally he rose and went quietly to the exit of the small dwelling in the slave quarters from Mos Espa. Carefully he opened the door and stepped into the coolness of the tatooinian night. Perhaps it would help him to get a clear head. He set slowly on the lowest stage of the small stone stairs; those to the upper floor and supported his head into his hands. There was a riot of feelings. How had this been able to happen? As a Jedi he had renounced carnal desire and now was there this woman. He smiled unconscious with the thought of Shmi Skywalker. This simple woman had brought a side to sounding, which he had up to then not known and after the Jedi Code also to know was not allowed for him. Qui-Gon sighed. He had to admit himself that he had fallen in love with the woman. But it could not be. Together with his pupil Obi-Wan he had to fulfil a task. And then there was Shmi´s son Anakin. Never he had met someone, which had a so high Midi Chlorian value. The Jedi master was sure that Anakin Skywalker was the Chosen One promised by old prophecies, who should return the balance to the Force. Could there be sin, to come together with the woman that gave birth to Chosen One, received by the Force? In the same instant, in which him this thought came, he rejected it already again. There were none justification. The rules of the Jedi Code were clear. Already frequently he was in conflict with the Jedi Council because of his often unorthodox opinions, nevertheless this offence against a law became inevitable the output from the community, which had given him his whole life a shelter. He shook his head. The price for a few instants of luck was too high. Tomorrow they would set out for Coruscant in order to present Anakin to the Jedi Council. Yes, Qui-Gon had decided. He would fulfil the task and would renounce to the love for Shmi Skywalker. The morning dawned already, when he rose slowly and went back in the house.

© Claudia Riedel 1999