Qui-Gon's Meditation

Qui-Gon was separated by an energy wall from his opponent. The Jedi master switched his lightsaber off immediately and looked calmly into the hate-fulfilled, terribly tattooed face of his opponent. The Sith enraged struck out at the barrier that them separated from each other, but he wasn't able to penetrate it with his double bladed lightsaber. Qui-Gon felt pumped out and the combat break for him came therefore not inconveniently. He couldn´ t deny that he was no more a young man. His energy diminished and the day, on which he would find an opponent, who could defeat him, was perhaps not far. But he pushed this thought rapidly aside. A Jedi, a Jedi master, did not give up so easily. The Force would help, that was sure for him. Slowly he sank down on his knees, in order to draw from a meditation new strength. He closed his eyes and like through a veil of mist in his spirit pictures were formed. Qui-Gon saw past, fragments of the present and the future at the same time by the Force. Always new pictures brain-stormed him, while he tried to stay quiet and passive. That was not simple, because at the same time the dark emotions of the Sith and the hardly restrained impatience and combat desire of his young Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi penetrated his calm. He would have to talk at the end of this task with the young man, whom he loved like a son, a serious word. He smiled internal with the thought, how surprised Obi-Wan was, when he had called him before the Jedi Council fully trained. In truth he had to learn however still some, but that would already come with the time. He saw something in the picture flood that suddenly frightened him. It was his own body laying on the floor, which was from a lightsaber perforated. His pupil Obi-Wan kneed beside him and held his head. Tears filled the eyes of the young Jedi, while the lips from the Qui-Gon vision seemed to form words. But so rapidly this vision had come, so fast it disappeared. The Jedi master shook the head in thoughts. Should he have really foreseen his own death? The future was in motion, this was what master Yoda's and his own experiences had always taught. He felt, how his strength increased by the meditative exercise again. There suddenly the energy barrier separated and he was ready for the fight.

© Claudia Riedel 1999