The Right Decision?

Obi- Wan Kenobi looked motionless into the flames, which consumed the dead body of his master. The shock over Qui-Gons death sat deeply and still could he not seize that he should not be his mentor any longer. With frightening hr remembered, how close he had come the dark side, when he hit full hate and rage the Sith Lord, who had killed his Jedi Master. He was conscious to it that he had defeated this terrible opponent only with the help of the dark side of the Force. With this thought he shivered. He turned his face to the small boy, who stood beside him and saw in his eyes gleaming tears. This boy, Anakin Skywalker, was Qui-Gons legacy to him. Would he be a good master for this boy? Was it at all the right decision to train him? Obi Wan had, exactly like the Jedi Council, violent doubts. For Qui-Gon there was never a doubt that the boy of Tatooine was the Chosen One promised by the old prophecy, which would bring balance to the Force. But how he could be so safe? Kenobi felt that from the boy a threat proceeded. On Coruscant he had spoken with his master about it, but he was not accessible for its arguments and felt the contradiction of his Padawan as irreverence. Nearly it would have come to discord between the two.
But the death of Qui-Gons had changed everything. When Obi Wan held his dying master in the arms, he vowed him that he would train Anakin as Jedi Knight. He felt bound to this promise and would risk everything to induce the Jedi Council to agree. He was hardly conscious that he spoke to the small boy. "You will become a Jedi Knight. I promise."
Then he turned his face again to the flames, which continued their work of the destruction.

© Claudia Riedel 1999