The Transformation

Anakin Skywalker regains slowly consciousness after the deep fall. How could it happen that Obi-Wan defeated him? He had felt so strongly and was sure of his victory. The dark side was so much stronger than the light side. It is intolerably hot. Nearly is it, as if his whole body is on fire. Suddenly he becomes conscious that his body actually burns. The sweetish smell of his burning flesh penetrates his nose. There he remembers. The crater - he fell into a crater with glowing lava. A thought forms itself in his head: "You must out of here, otherwise you will die." Anakin tried desperate to tap in the Force - nothing. The pain becomes intolerable. Nearly he loses consciousness again. Anakin mobilizes all reserves. On all four he creeps to the edge of the crater, in order to escape from the flaming inferno. He feels how his burned flesh separates from the bones. After few meters the strength leaves him, but he has managed to come at least from the direct danger zone. Anakin can hardly breathe. Each breath burns in his lungs such as fire. He wants to out-cry his agony, but from his dried, burned throat no sound comes. An unrestrained life will lets him finally hardly further-creep despite that beyond all bearing pain. He direct his entire thinking on the expiring life spark in his inside and on the blazing hate, which he has against Obi-Wan, his Jedi Master. There, finally - the Force. He feels it clearly. Yes, nearly he can see it. Seductively it signs to him. It is the dark side, which comes to assistance. Despite his pain he smiles. On the dark side is relying. As an old friend Anakin Skywalker is welcome it. The way appears to him infinitely and several times he loses his consciousness because the pain. But the energies of the dark side give him new strength again and again. Finally he made it. He remains exhausted at the edge of the crater. From Obi Wan each trace is missing. He had left his pupil, with the certainty that he would die, however. Anakin tries to soften his intolerable pain with the help of the Force, but he only partly succeeds. His injuries which he suffered by the glowing lava are too heavy. Finally he falls into a sleep, which resembles more a deep unconsciousness, from which it perhaps no awaking gives.

Stormtroopers approach the place, where what once Anakin Skywalker was, is. The commander speaks into the comlink in his white helmet: "We found him, Sir. It is exactly the place, those the Emperor described." He listens on the answer of his superior officer. Then he answers to a question: "Yes, he is still alive. Incomprehensibly that the man is still alive, Sir."
Carefully the stormtroopers lifts Anakin´s burned body on a repulsorstretcher and brings him in a shuttle. After a short flight the shuttle docks in the landing bay of the Emperor's space cruiser. Anakin is brought immediately into the Medic section of the ship, where his injuries are treated. But all medical art cannot prevent that deep scars on body and soul will stay. Anakin is condemned to carry a life-supporting armament for the rest of his life. His disfigured head will be withholding forever the views of humans by a black helmet with a breathing mask, which hides his face. He paid a high price, but the wages will be inconceivable power. The Emperor stands at Anakin's sick-bed and looks with cold, yellow eyes on what by his way companion had remained. Yes, the former senator Palpatine is content. Before him lies the raw material, which he can form now after his desires. The germ had been already put before the fight with Obi-Wan and its terrible consequences. Now the Emperor Anakin led deeper on the path, from which it gives no comeback, if it is walked on. A sneer distorts his from the use of the dark side corroded features. The weak Anakin Skywalker which can be affected easily had died in the glowing lava of the volcano, in order to give life to his creature - Darth Vader. As well as Vader would be recovered from his injuries, he would begin with his further training. Palpatine was his goal near to destroy the hated Jedi. In Lord Darth Vader he would have the perfect tool.

© Claudia Riedel 1999