Tasherit Rendar

I wanted always to have the main characters of my fan-story "Kriegstagebuch von Nomi Darklighter" as Kenner-figures. My husband Thomas built a part of it for me; but then I imagined, what he can do, I can do that also. Thus I made to the work and the result can you see here on this side.


The original figure: Boba Fett - Camino Escape


In order to build Tasherit, the little Boba Fett stood the racket because for his female features. First I put aside all unnecessary as poncho, blaster and helmet. Now the "sex transformation" could begin. Again the air-drying modelling mass, which had already stand the test with the customizing of Silya Darklighter, was used also here. Afterwards the figure was to be painted. The conversion of Boba Fett into Nomi´s daughter Tasherit was finished.

© Claudia Riedel 2003