Wampa Cave (built 2004/2005)

First again, I built the corpus with the measures from the Secret Ceremony diorama. For the top plate I took not acryl glass but wood. The top plate is 8cm shorter than the ground plate, because light should fall into the entrance of the cave.
Then, I built with Styrofoam, fly net and newspapers the inner shape of the cave.
Then I surfaced all with plaster. Finally, I painted the cave white and mounted Luke, his lightsaber and the Wampa.
As a last thrill, I built with FIMO a skull-, torso- and thighbone; also I stuck Ice pikes from LGB in. Absolutely the last action was to mount the front-glass and the glass for the 8cm width "halo" at the backside of the top plate.

© Thomas Riedel 2004/2005-01-20