Sarlacc Diorama (built 1999)

My father, a graduated engineer (who also once made a apprenticeship as a carpenter) builded the corpus for me. This corpus has the measures: 1,3m x 1,3m x 0,2m. On the groundplate, he screwed a 1,2 m in diameter circle of LGB tracks. The upper plate consists of two parts: The outer square and the inner square, which was cutted out with a 1cm thick slit. The outer square is connected with the sideparts.
The inner circle stands on fixed stays in the centre of the diorama. In a quarter of the inner circle, we cut an oval hole out. Around the out-cutted part, we winded a18 cm high hard paper from outside and the resulting hole from inside and nailed it.
So, we had a pot, in which later, the Sarlacc Pit should be modelled. After it, the corpus of the diorama got his painting on the sides. Now, the primary part of the dioramabuilding began:
The landscape-modelling. I took dozens of crunched styropor-parts and fixed it on the inner and outer plate, between also PU-Foam. After the foam reached it full size, I cutted the landscape in ist first shape with hills and holes and of course most important the characteristic Sarlacc-Pit. Then, I stroked all with wet-room-surfacer.
Now, in front of my eyes layed allready the percect tatooinian desert-landscape. But there still had to be bring in important things. For the next, I stroked the landscape with glue and sanded it. Therefore, I took a normal German Sand, drilled in a little plastic-box uncountable 0,8 mm holes. Then, I painted the sand in real sand-yellow.
Now, the finishing of the Sarlacc-Pit started.
First, I had to make dozens of teeth and arms of the Sarlacc. This part, Claudia took over. It seemed to become a neverending job to modell uncountable cone-shape plastic sticks into a bow-shape and after that, to sharpen the ends. Nearly the same, Claudia did with the arms, which were turned screw-like and carved veins and scars in it. From the complete Galaxy Figureset, Luke with the Board and the head of the sarlacc (like we saw in the Special Edition of Episode VI). I had to make the head longer. This I did with a aluminium tube, which I drilled on the length-side and brought to shape with a surfacer (usually for holes in cars). Finally, the arms and the head were painted in flesh, the teeth are sand-coloured as the landscape.
Around the "mouth" of the Sarlacc, I drilled holes, in which I sticked the teeth and arms. On the bottom of the "mouth" is a bolt, on which the
sarlacc-head could be pluged on. So, Classic Edition (without head) or Special Edition (with head) easily could be displayed.
Finally, we made sideparts to get a sky when the Diorama is viewed from front or left side. The sky-parts became white with a smoothe change into blue. At last, the skiffs were placed on roundwoods into the landscape and on the locomotive and fitted out with figures.
For fitting out with figures, I chose the scene when Luke stands on the board. This was a static moment in the movie. Everyone stopped breathing, nothing moved, except the guardian skiff made its rounds. Ready was the diorama!!! Since that, the command is "Turn on!!!" and the Guardian Skiff "flys" through the landscape, around sailbarge, prisoner skiff and the Sarlacc Pit.
At this point, I want to thank again my Claudia and my father, who helped me building this diorama. My father is not only a great help, also it always makes fun to work with him. This time, we were able to combine our hobbies Model-Railroad and STAR WARS.
Claudia´s knowledge about STAR WARS, what is thousand times higher then my knowledge, helped me with the finishing of the diorama. Through her, the real STAR WARS-feeling came into the diorama.

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© Thomas Riedel 2002