Battle of Hoth

This diorama I built in a relatively short time, cause it has no moving elements.
These diorama is fitted with Kenner-AT-ATs and Micro Machines Action Fleet Snowspeeders and an AT-ST.
I repainted the Snowspeeders, cause the colour was not like in the movie. Very ugly!
The figures are the tiny "Rebel Echo Base Soldiers" from Micro-Machines.
The corpus of the diorama I builded 1,5 m x 0,5 m x 0,5 m. Rearside, groundplate and sideplates are made from 13 mm wood, topplate and frontside are 4 mm acrylglas. The frontside could be open through a hinge.

On the groundplate, I stick a 15 mm thick styroporplate, in which I cutted 10 mm wide the trenches of the rebels.
Leftside and behind in the diorama, I builded with crunched styropor-plates and polyurethane foam the mountains.
Next, I painted the sky blue with lighter blue above. Then, the two AT-ATs (an old and a POTF2- Walker) were screwed through the styroporplate and the groundplate.
Below the left foot of the walker on the right side, I placed the "battle damaged Snowspeeder" of Luke. Therefore, I cutted a little hole in the styropor, so it looked like as the snowspeeder spread so much ice and snow away through the crash. Then, I began with the finishing of the landscape. Therefore, I pasted the polyurethane foam and styropor with a surfacer for wet rooms. Finally, I painted all white.

Now, I sticked the figures, etc in. Down from the acrylglastopplate, I hung with 3 thin perlon-strings eachtime one snowspeeder. In the trenches, I sticked wooden lattice, against the cold (believe me, also you can see it in the movie!) These wooden lattices, I plottered from a foil. On that foil, I sticked the figures in running, commanding and shooting positions. From the Hoth Playset from Micro Machines, I took following parts and placed it according to the movie:
Luke´s Battle Damaged Snowspeeder (see above), the Wampa, the shield generator, the Ion-Cannon, the Laser Turret and Luke on Tauntaun (here just a normal Rebel Soldier on a Tauntaun). From Fimo, I molded 3 Radar Laser Cannons.
With thin wires, I connected the cannons with little "energy-units". One Snowspeederpilot hangs on a black string down from a walker. This should be Luke of course, when he winds himself up. One AT-ST walks left in front near the other Walker.

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© Thomas Riedel 2002