Battle of Endor (built 2002)

This diorama has the same corpus like the Hoth diorama. The motivation, for building this diorama, was the POTF2 "Endor Ambush"-playset from Kenner, what is (in my opinion), the best playset, Kenner ever made. The bunker is very nice detailled, even the double doors, which made a bad surprise for Han Solo and his "electronic skills". Nevertheless, the "wooden" trunk, with feather-mechanism could you put beside without thinking long. Give it your little brother or your kid for playing! The trunk "screams" to much like plastic and is not suitable for any diorama. Useful, instead, is the little catapult. Give it a little nice repaint! More authentic is the old catapult from the 80th.
First, I cut, the bunker into equal parts and made it wider for 5 cm, then I surfaced it, abraded it and finally painted it. The colour now fits more to the colour of the bunker, which we saw in Episode VI.
In the empty corpus, I stick a forestposter, consisting of 3 parts. Actually, it is a picture of an european forest, not the californian Redwoods with their thick and giant sequoias. But it looks astonishing good!
Then, I sticked on the groundplate a 4 cm thick styroporplate. On that, I modelled a hill from polyurethane foam and also cut hollo
ws, mainly, where later the trees will be "planted". Then, I made the trees from 5 cm thick roundwood. I winded the wood with a fly-net (don´t know the right english word for it; meaning a net which you can nail on a window-frame to prevent flies from coming into a house. Okay?) and nailed it. Then I surfaced the net with a wet-room-surfacer. After I screwed the trees on the right places, I surfaced the landscape also with wet-room-surfacer. Then, I painted the whole landscape brown. Finally, I stroked it with glue and shaked model-grass on the landscape. Like I did it on my first diorama, the Ewok Village, I used a gadget which electrisizes the grass with 20000 Volt, so each single grass flies exactly vertical on the polarisized surface. I added the "flora" through tiny bushes which growed on trees in Northern Italy (Dolomiti Mountains), also I added ferns and Irish Moss, etc.
Then, finally, the diorama was fitted out with the figures and two AT-STs.

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© Thomas Riedel 2002