Rebel Fleet Trooper (built 2001)

When I met Florian, we decided to build two Rebel Fleet Trooper costumes together.We shared our work. Florian was responsible for trousers, shirts and vests, in addition, he bought two helmets from the former "Nationale Volksarmee" (National Peoples Army of East Germany). I was responsible for the helmets and for building the blasters and holsters. About the trouser, the shirt and the vest, I don´t want to tell now anything, because maybe Florian wants to make this later on his "activity-site". Instead I just want to tell something about the blasters and the helmets. About the holsters is not much to tell, because I just copied the holsters of the Stormtrooper and made it with jeans fabric.
The NVA-helmets, I made with a oval part in backside longer. This part, I made with glasfibre&resin. I still doesn´t like the result, because the flank-angle are to steep at the sites. Meanwhile, the "Tantive 4 Defender"- Rebel Fleet Trooper from Kenner-Hasbro came out, who looks (in my opinion) absolut fabulous. This helmet, I want to take very accurate measures from and build the helmets again completly new.
The blasters, I built from the book "Visual Dictionary", what is (in my opinion) a very good information to build costumes, weapons and props. I used wood, PVC-channelpipes, pipe clamps, aluminium, surfacer, etc. to build.
By the way, the boots for the uniform were very easy to organize. I bought black rubber-boots for 5,- Euro, very cheap and nevertheless very realistic look.

© Thomas Riedel 2001