Rebel Officer (built 2002)

Building this costume started with a sad accident. My Godfather-uncle died and leaved some things, including a "Camal"-Safari jacket. I looked at that part with the typical STAR WARS-costume-builder-eyes and said to myself again "With that, there can be made something perhaps."
First I turned the jacket, because it had too much bags at the outside. At the backside, I had to sew also some parts, therefore it didn´t look too much as a turned jacket. The normal collar I had to cut completely away and sew it clean. I had to cut the sleeves so much, until they were little sleeves-lets on the shoulders. From the rest of the fabric I sewed the well-known little pockets on the sleeves, as we know it from the movie.
Then, I built from pictures of General Crix Madine the officersplate and the U-shaped collar-signs, which I sewed later on a dark-blue shirt. In the same colour as the jacket, I searched for the trousers. On them, I had nothing to change.
Finally add the uniform with black boots and a belt, ready was again another

© Thomas Riedel 2002