Rebel low-rank officer on Yavin 4 (built 2004)

Yes, I admit that this title sounds stupid. But the secondary literature says nothing about it.
So, I invent that title.
If somebody of you find somewhere the official name, please write me!

For this figure, which I build four times for my "Yavin Ceremony" Diorama, I choose four "Imperial Officer" from the 80s. First, I cut the peak away, which was in a too vertical angle for what I wanted to build and cut the entire cap round. Then, I cut a 1mm width and 10mm long slot into the head above the eyes, and then I took a washer, bent it a little bit round and placed it with Stabilit Express into the slot. Then, I cut the boots into half-shoes and cut the bulges of the sides of the trousers away. At the breast, I cut the code-cylinders away, also the asymmetric row of buttons. Finally, I abraded all cuts and painted the figure.
The cap, which now had like in the movie the look of a Base cap, was painted khaki, The overall was painted dark grey down to the half-shoes, Hands were painted skin-colour (before, they were black gloves). Three of the four soldiers got different beards, and then the figures were ready.

© Thomas Riedel 2004