Jan Ors

As a Rebel of passion, she met Kyle Katarn first as an enemy, as a soldier of the Empire, who captures her on an asteroid base of the Rebel Alliance, but he pretended her execution and even gave her the opportunity to flee. Later, they met again and it was Jan Ors, who gave Kyle proves, that the Empire killed his father. Kyle joined the Alliance and became part of many adventures together with Jan Ors. Often times, they risked their lives on that. Jan Ors very often took over the job as a taxi-driver for Kyle, so she dropped him with her ship, the Moldy Crow on many planets, which were "contaminated" with Imps, and also, she catches him up, after he finished his jobs there. But also very often, she had to grap her Blaster, in order to help her beloved friend Kyle on his escape.
From the figure line "Expanded Universe" from Kenner-Hasbro, there were just 2 figures from the computer-game "Dark Forces", so it were "Kyle Katarn" and the "Dark Trooper" (meanwhile a rare and hot collector piece). I also wanted Jan Ors, because she is actually the main person next Kyle. As a basic figure for customizing I choose a "Leia Jedi" (also an "Expanded Universe" - figure) and cut the trousers and boots in right shape, also the sleeves of the top. Later, Jan´s white turtle-neck pullover was painted on that, which looked out of the jacket as sleeves and the neck. From soft leather-pieces, I cut the weapon-belt and stuck some pockets on it, which I cut from plastic-pieces. On the thighs I bent the belt as leg-bands with a sew-string. As her characteristic flight-glasses, I drilled two 2mm brass-discs and put them on a brass-wire, which I formed to a head-band.
At the end, I painted everything according to the genius pictures of Dave Dorman from the third band of the trilogy of William C. Dietz and the sequel of the computer game : "Dark Forces: Jedi Knight II".

© Thomas Riedel 2002