Female X-Wing Pilot (built 2000)

Because of the Fan-ID of Claudia, "Nomi Darklighter", who is a Jedi and a X-Wing Pilot, I got the idea, to customize a female X-Wing Pilot.
First, I searched for a suitable figure as a base. I choose Leia (Hoth), because the suit and the boots allready look good, I just had to put her vest off.
Nevertheless, the head doesn´t fit, because the figure should had been fit to Claudia´s
imagination of Nomi Darklighter. A red, flat, short-cut hairstyle. So I took the head of Mara Jade and cut the long hairs away. Then, I mounted the head on the Leia Hoth-body. Next, I took a Biggs Darklighter figure, pasted the chest-box with a separating fine grease and made a silicon-negative-form. From that, I made a positiv with "Stabilit Express". This new chest-box I sticked on the chest of the new figure.
For the helmet, I cut the head+helmet of Biggs Darklighter away (for this figure I had a different use later) and carved it with a motortool-carver. With this work, I was very carefull, so the chin-band still was okay and just the face and the rest of the further head- (helmet-) volume was cut away.
For the figure, I modulated a soft collar , what normally only have the Thermo-vests of the snowspeeder pilots.
At my shame, I have to admit, that I didn´t know the fine differences of a X-(and Y-) Wing pilot outfit compared to a snowspeeder pilot´s outfit.
Now, I know it very well.
Claudia still says, the figure is very good and I don´t have to build a new one.
I completed the figure with a lightsaber (at last, Nomi is also a Jedi !).
At the end, I painted the figure orange. The legs got white bands, also I painted the signal-bullet-bandoliers. Also I had to complete the red of her hairs on the
areas, where I cut the hair before.

© Thomas Riedel 2000