Rebel General on Yavin 4 (like Vanden Willard)
(built 2004)

This figure, I built from a Sio Bibble and a Han Solo - Endor.
From the Sio Bibble figure, I cut the arms away and cut the beard a little be shorter.
Also, I cut the row of buttons away. The knickerbockers I cut a little bit away, so they had no longer so much pleats. Then I took Han, put the trench coat away and cut the arms away.
Then I drilled the arms and the Sio Bibble torso and screwed it together. Then I painted the trousers, the shirt and the coat (inside) according to the figure of General Dodonna. After drying, I put the figure the coat on and painted the coat from outside and also the arms.
Finally, I painted the beard and the hairs. Ready.

© Thomas Riedel 2004