Rebel Honour Guard on Yavin 4 (built 2004)

I built two figures of these figure type. For this, I choose two General Madine figures from the 80th and cut them their heads away. Then, I cut the gloves away, so the arms looked like the jacket down to the hands. The same, I did with the legs. Doing this, I had to cut away some pleats of the trousers and also had to cut some lines into the former boots, so they look also like trousers.
The head completely with helmet, I copied from a Rebel Fleet Trooper (Tantive 4 Defender), so I first made a negative form with silicon milk and then copied it with surfacer to a new positive. I cleaned it and mounted it on the body.
Then, I painted the figure. Jacket and trousers became dark grey, half-shoes black, hands and face skin-coloured, helmet white. After drying, I stuck on the helmet a black screen, which covers eyes and nose. In the left hand, the figures got a 16cm long, 2,5cm thick black staff. Ready.

© Thomas Riedel 2004