A special challenge was the bandoleer. How to make, if we have not to steal? After some considerations we decided, to provide the actual belt from two 5 cm broad German Federal Armed Forces woven belts, which were seamed up above. In order to receive the loops for the cartridges, we sewed on a narrow 3 cm woven trousers belt on the broad 5 cm belt. The broad belt was down not locked, but provided with sliding loops. Thus everyone can adjust its belt to the correct size.

The individual belt elements were worked from wood, stuck together, grinded and sprayed afterwards with acryl colour and/or done over again with a brush. To get an appropriate "used" look or rather "battle damaged" effect, were afterwards all parts painted with dark grey/silver colour at the surfaces and edges. Thus the impression develops that colour is abraded from the metal. We used the same effect then later by the helmet rings and the communicators. In the end, we fastened all individual parts with small screws on the woven belt.


Particularly the sewing work (loops for the cartridges) on the woven belts will remain for a long time in memory, because each hole due to the strength of the belt had to be pre-drilled to come through with the needle. A time-consuming work.

© Lothar Werner 2006 / Translation Claudia Riedel