COM Plates

The COM plates for the costume were relatively simple to manufacture, since here only small battens and cardboard found use. From the strong cardboard the base plates themselves were made. The small components were sawed off from the battens, grinded and glued on. Afterwards we painted the entire COM plate with light-grey acryl colour. In order to get a similar "battle damaged" effect as with the bandoleer, at the end the surfaces - above all the edges - were after-painted again with dark grey/silver colour by hand. Thus develops the impression of abraded, used metal. On the back thereafter with each COM plate a hook-and-loop tape was attached. Thus a simple attachment at the jacket was possible, since the counterpart of the hook-and-loop tape was appropriate here (on both sleeves and in front on the left chest side).


© Lothar Werner 2006 /Translation Claudia Riedel