Jacket & Trousers

Owing to the intensive internet research of Wladimir Blanar and Thomas Riedel were fast many original pictures of the costumes and articles of equipment present - a very important basis for all lining up work.


Our comparison pictures

As the first step we made plans for some uniform variants. Finally the decision fell on the variant No. 3.

For the trousers, khaki cargo trousers were reworked. The side pockets were made a little bit smaller and shifted downward. Further, we made the belt loops larger, so, also US-belts fit through later. The rear trouser pockets were left in such a way.

For the jacket a beige cotton work jacket was used. According to the original pictures, the two sleeves were shortened, same the jacket length and the original collar was removed and replaced with a round collar. The outside pockets were shifted inward. For the COM plates and the rank insignias, hook-and-loop tapes at the sleeves and on the front were sewn.

In the first step in manual work a sample part (jacket and trousers) was manufactured and painted with acryl colour from spray cans (4 different green tones). The ENDOR camouflage pattern placed here a special challenge at us. This sample became approved in January with the dinner evening, so we have in January 2006 ordered 10 trousers and 10 jackets.

So that nothing is forgotten, we had right from the beginning a "project table" put on, where constantly the current conditions of the work etc. were held.

The ordered jackets and trousers came at the end of January 2006 and were given together with the sample to my tailor, who cleanly and professionally made all changes with the machine.
At this place a great thank you for Marianne Dirauf

A jacket and trousers were manufactured post haste at the end of January, so that this costume parts were available for the upcoming Media Markt event on February 18, 2006.

In beautiful weather in April we gave to the remaining 9 jackets and 9 trousers the appropriate Endor pattern. We had to paint all by ourself, as no camouflage trousers and/or jackets from military armoury were usable. By using 5 different green tones we could do also here a very good "used" impression of the camouflage clothing. And by the camouflage pattern was very much creativity in demand. No trousers should look like the other one. With all available comparison pictures, I think we made very well.

Thus Thomas Riedel's dream and our enthusiasm for the project went into the final phase. To the dinner in May 2006 the 10 costumes were finished and could be distributed.

© Lothar Werner 2006 / Translation Claudia Riedel