Misc. Pieces of Equipment

Many further parts supplemented the costume and completed it.

As "shirt" we purchased thin, grey roll-neck sweaters which look very good. As another option we have thin, grey shirts with long sleeves and a round collar.

With the footwear we could fall back on khaki McAllister outdoor boots, which approach very well to the original.

Naturally also gloves may not be missing. The first variant planned to paint light-grey working gloves with camouflage pattern. Finally we decided nevertheless then for brown leather gloves, which by the thin leather would be to wear very well.

Some ranks were naturally also necessary. Round wooden plates were for this black painted and glued on strong cardboard. This was provided as with the COM plates on the back with a hook-and-loop tape (for simple attachment at the jackets).

At the conclusion it gave for each identity discs after US model. On the front we let engrave "Alliance Commando". On the back are the personnel number and the name.

© Lothar Werner 2006 / Translation Claudia Riedel