A special challenge was the making of the satchel. It had to be not too heavy and at the same time comfortable to carry. Also the "crestfallen" shape in the middle part was very important.

First we made two identical wooden boxes from thin plates. For the seam in the middle of the satchel parts, we used beadings and attached them with glue. The attachments on the upper sides of the two satchel parts were made from PVC-tubing caps, a PVC-hose and wooden construction components. The hose element with the four connecting units, which is situated between the two satchel parts, were made separate and attached later. At the original satchel you can see a coating in camouflage pattern. For this effect we coated our satchel parts with bright cloth and painted it in the Endor camouflage pattern. After the painting, we mounted the attachments. The two parts of the rack were made from simple wooden strips. For making the "crestfallen" shape of the original part, we made an upper section and a lower section, which we screwed together. After gluing, screwing and painting the rack, we screwed the rack and the two satchel parts together. For the harness we used black webbings, which can be adjusted for the needing of the wearer. In total, we made two satchels.

© Lothar Werner 2006 / Translation Claudia Riedel