Biggs Darklighter - Tatooine
(Lost Cut)

The original figure: Luke Skywalker - Ceremonial

From Biggs Darklighter there is only the X-Wing pilot available. But I wanted the Biggs from the lost cut, where he tells Luke that he joins the rebellion and why. First I had to alter the hairstyle. Therefore I cut the hair on the forehead away and made a new hairstyle with a self drying modelling mass. Then I had to alter the clothing because I didn't need the bulges of the jacket and likewise the blaster holster. They're fell victim to the tinkering knife. With the modelling mass I made a rank insignia and stuck it on the jacket. It was time to paint the figure. The most nail-biting event was the moustache because slipping off would be fatale. But a steady hand and a toothpick worked very well. Finally I stitched the cape from a black remnant.

© Claudia Riedel 2005