Qwi Xux
(Expanded Universe)

The original figure: Princess Leia Organa - Hoth Gear

For turning Princess Leia in Omwati scientist Qwi Xux I had to strip the vest first. Than I cut away with a tinkering knife superfluous seams and upholsteries. At the boots I left a little part of the latchets. Afterwards I made the seam of the coverall with Stabilit Express. The featherlike hair I made with air drying modelling material. From an early customize project I had some spare pockets, which I diminished and stuck at the coverall with Stabilit Express. One coverall pocket I had to make by myself. Than I painted the figure with modelling colours and altered the eye colour from brown to deep blue. The altering of the eye colour was most difficult and I needed a lot of sure instinct. At the end I made a belt with a bag from a leather oddment and painted it brown.

© Claudia Riedel 2007