Lord Ulic Bel-Baal

I wanted always to have the main characters of my fan-story "Kriegstagebuch von Nomi Darklighter" as Kenner-figures. My husband Thomas built a part of it for me; but then I imagined, what he can do, I can do that also. Thus I made to the work and the result can you see here on this side.

The original figure: Boba Fett

In order to give Lord Ulic Bel Baal shape, Boba Fett had to lose first times his head, which was then replaced by a Han Solo head. I formed and painted the hair-style again with the proved self drying modelling mass and painted it afterwards with model construction colour.
From the Boba Fett helmet I milled out the head, so that it is possible to put Bel Baal these on. The figure I painted in accordance with the defaults of my history in black and red. To the conclusion I dressed it with the cape of a Luke Skywalker Jedi-figure.

© Claudia Riedel 2003