Jacen Solo
(Expanded Universe)

Here is my first work which I made for somebody else than me. I made it for my friend
Constanze, who asked me to build the Solo kids for her.

The original figure: Anakin Skywalker - Naboo

First I considered myself, which figure would be the best one for Jacen Solo. Finally my view fell on the Darklighter triplets and I thought that the little Anakin is the right one.
For the appearance of the Solo kids I used the Topps Star Wars Finest Trading Cards Speci-als as model. First I cut the rat tail at the back of the head and the Padawan tail off with a tinkering knife. Differently, than with Nomi's triplets I wasn't content this time with a bare colour change of the hair-style. By means of the self drying modelling mass I formed a new hair-style, which I structured with a pin and afterwards painted with model construction colour. The entire figure got thereafter, according to the Trading Card, a new colour likewise. Now a lightsabre and finished was the hopeful Jedi after-growth of Han and Leia.

© Claudia Riedel 2004