Jaina Solo
(Expanded Universe)

Here is my first work which I made for somebody else than me. I made it for my friend
Constanze, who asked me to build the Solo kids for her.

The original figure: Boba Fett - Camino Escape

For Jaina Solo again the little Boba Fett stands the racket. I formed the long hair with the self drying modelling mass, which following I structured with a pin and painted with model construction colour. I used again the Topps Star Wars Finest Trading Cards Specials as model. Now still another new colour for the clothes. Naturally a little Jedi needs also her lightsabre. I found that rapid in the depot of my husband. The colour unfortunately didn't fit, because Jaina has a lilac-coloured lightsabre blade. But I knew also to help and gave the good piece with Window Colour the correct tone.

© Claudia Riedel 2004