Female X-Wing Pilot Constan'ze

A good friend, Constanze, asked me to build her as a female X-Wing Pilot customized figure.

The original figure: Leia - Bespin Escape

First I bought a Leia - Bespin Escape, took her out of the bubble and started to carve the trouser legs into the shape of boots. Then, I took the "Brezels"-hairstyle and replaced it according to the look of Constanze with self drying modelling mass.
Then, I took a copy with "Stabilit Express" with a negative-silicon form from the chest box.
These Form, Thomas already built once time a go, when he built the pilot figure of Nomi Darklighter. Then, I stuck also with "Stabilit Express" the chest box onto the figure.
Doing this, I even had success that the tube remained. Next, I made the gloves. Also here, I used "Stabilit Express". I put a little bit around the lower arms, left the figure for some minutes with arms straight forward, while the Stabilit Express slowly concentrated at the lower arm edge, without dropping down. Finally, it hardened and looked indeed as typical pilot gloves. At the end, I modelled the signal-ammunitions-bandolier at the left leg (some pilots also wear it at the right leg).

Now, the smooth part could begin: The painting.
First, I painted the hair in a tone of gold blond, then the white overall into orange. Then, boots and gloves black, chest box with tube grey, buttons at the chest box blue and white, flak-shirt white, bands between the legs and the belt grey, signal-ammunitions-bandolier and belt-buckle silver.

At the end, I customized a Luke X-Wing Card, including a Force File, took Luke out of the bubble and put Constan ´ze into the bubble. I left Luke's helmet in the bubble and stuck the bubble again on the card.

© Claudia Riedel 2004