Dubious Victory

It was over. Obi-Wan Kenobi stood at the crater and looked into the depth. Down he could recognize the strangely curved shape of his defeated opponent in all sulphur steam and smoke shadowy. Opponent? The man laying down there had been his friend. And his pupil. Why he had believed that he could instruct Anakin Skywalker just as well in the ways of the Force as Master Yoda? He would have had nevertheless to know that only a Jedi Master can instruct a Force-talented. Yes, if he admitted himself it, he had known it. But it was war. Too many Jedi were fallen in the Clone Wars. Anakin Skywalker was extremely talented and Obi Wan decided to train him against all rules. At the beginning everything developed after his desires and conceptions. His friend burned formally to use the possibilities, which the Force offered. Like a sponge he sucked the millennium-old knowing and being able of the Jedi up, which it its teacher obtained. But Obi- Wan felt also the under dwelling impatience of his pupil. But he hoped that Anakin would learn patience with the progressing of his training. That was, as only too soon turned out, a deceitful hope.
Today Obi Wan had felt that it felt somehow strangely, when Anakin reached for the Force. Coldness, deadly coldness clasped him suddenly. Alarmed he looked to his pupil, who practiced the fight with the lightsaber with the help of an electronic training unit. With frightening he saw, how Anakin hit in blind rage the training unit, which fell then split into two halves to the ground. Heavy breathing his friend removed the helmet and looked on what he had done. Obi-Wan rose and went toward him. "Do you know, what you did evenly, Anakin?" The in such a way addressed nodded. ", Obi-Wan, I used the dark side of the Force." Kenobi could not seize what he heard. "You did it consciously?" Anakin twitched with the shoulders. "It is the faster, lighter way. Do you know, what lends the dark side for superiority?" Obi-Wan shook the head. "Come to the reason, Anakin. You take a dangerous path, which can end in death and spoiling. Still nobody has come back from the dark path." Anakin turned himself abruptly and went to the edge of the crater. "What do you already understand about it? You are too cowardly to use the true possibilities of the Force. Palpatine showed me, where my true potential lies. He is not overcautious as you." Senator Palpatine - he hated the Jedi and it was whispered that he was a follower of the dark side. Obi-Wan went toward his friend. "Anakin, be reasonable and renounce to the dark side of the Force." His friend shook the head. "Never, Obi-Wan. You cannot stop me." In the same instant he activated his lightsaber and attacked Kenobi. "The dark side is stronger." It was a tough and grim fight and nearly seemed it, as if Anakin would defeat his friend and mentor. But a small inattention cost him the victory and led him into spoiling. Anakin had not noticed in the heat of the fight that he was dangerously close at the edge of the crater. He drew back straight to the deadly blow, when he lost his balance and fell into the crater. All these pictures went Obi-Wan through the head, when he looked on the Anakin who lay on the ground of the crater.
He twitched internally with the shoulders and he had the thought that it was perhaps better. Still nobody had returned ever from the dark side. He bent after Skywalker´s lightsaber that his pupil dropped before his deep fall and took it. After a last view into the crater he turned away and went then with the certainty that his friend was dead.

© Claudia Riedel 1999