Here I present you the favourite book of my STAR WARS book-collection:

In my eyes this novel is the best, which was written ever in the STAR WARS universe. It plays between TESB and ROTJ. Many questions, which one perhaps placed oneself with viewing the films, are answered here; e.g. like the lightsaber into R2-D2 comes. Furthermore one describes how Skywalker had designed this lightsaber. With the character of the mercenary Dash Rendar Steve Perry in my eyes found an adequate replacement for Han Solo. Among us said, Dash is also my favourite character in this book. In the run the story, gives it still some surprising turn, which one would have so never assumed. But I want to reveal here not too much. If one liked to have really good entertainment, one should absolutely fall back to this book.

I prefer to read the American original, because the German translation "Schatten des Imperiums" is simply awful. The translator gave even the spaceships new names. Thus becomes Dash's Outrider a Champion and Xizor´s Virago a Xanthippe. Platon´s wife in the STAR WARS universe? What a crazy idea!

© Claudia Riedel 2002