Star Wars Drawings

One of my favorites is drawing. I hope you will enjoy my little Star Wars drawings.

Master Yoda
X-Wing Fighter
Battle of Endor
Leia & Wicket
R2 & R4
Naboo Fighter
Endor Rebel Soldier
with Speeder Bike
Count Dooku, Anakin & Obi-Wan
Yoda, Amidala & Anakin
Amidala & Anakin
Amidala, Capt. Panaka & unknown Naboo Guard
Han, Jabba, Luke & Leia
Luke Skywalker vs. AT-AT
The Rescue
Sunset on Tatooine
Battle of Endor
Luke Skywalker
on Taun Taun

Please click the pics for larger images.

© Leia Riedel 2006-2009