Imperial Officer-Uniform (built 2002)

Since a long time, I had the wish to have an Imperial Officer-uniform.
As in Germany, these Uniforms offered by several STAR WARS- dealer are a) to expensive or b) totally far away what is called "authentic", I decided to build it for my own. Or better said: let build. Active support I got from my mother-in-law, who bought with me a pattern for a sportjacket and changed the pattern in that direction, that a so called "Russian Smock" came out of it. Indeed these pattern is the same pattern as the uniforms of the Red Army during WWII.
So, she tailored me the Jacket from wool fabric. The cap, I made myself. But I had to make three caps until the third cap was so as we know it from the movies. The first pant was a gift of Florian. It was a former NVA-pant ("Nationale Volksarmee", a pant from the former East German Military), blue coloured. which I tried to repaint. But this was not good for the pant. Finally, we just took the NVA-pant to get a pattern. My mother-in-law now made a new pant in black. The uniform I completed with boots, rank-symbols, codecylinder, belt, 2 officerdiscs for cap and belt. At the end, the uniform was like in the movies, nevertheless, the pant frustrated me and I thought the uniform will never be finished.
A very, very big "Thank you!" therefore goes to my mother-in-law, without her, the uniform still would have been a dream for me!

© Thomas Riedel 2002