Biker Scout (built 2001)

The motivation for building this costume was again a Don Post Helmet, which I bought. Then, I built the Biker Blaster from wood and metall.
Black pants and a black thin turtle-neck collar pullover were no problem. Then I copied from my Stormtrooper armour the armparts, kneeplates. The breast- and backplates, I copied and shortened and modelled it different according to the pictures of Episode 6. From a tool-belt, I took the two bags and repainted it. Additional, cause the bags were open on the top, I made caps to close the bag. The caps of the bags, I made from white painted Jeans fabric. A belly-band, which goes arround the belly and down through the legs to the back. I made it from a specially crunched-made fabric. Finally I built the lower leg-holster . Then I added white boots. Ready was the Biker Scout.
Now, I maybe should build a Speeder Bike for me...

© Thomas Riedel 2001