Tusken Raider (built 2006)

This costume, I built with hot-glue. It lasted only a week. The result satisfied me much more than expected.
First, I coated a glass-head with grease and laid glassfibre mats on, which I coated with resin. The nose- and mouth-area, I formed as some kind of a flat animal snout. So, I had a GRP-face-mask (glass fibre reinforced plastic). After drying, I lifted the mask away from the glass-head and cleaned the glass-head. On the mask, I stuck two wooden tubes for the eyes. On the glass-head I put a black woollen mask, the type of police and Special Forces have such masks. Onto this mask, I stuck the GRP-mask.
In an Aluminium chump, I milled furrows in it and rasped the chump round.
Then, I stuck leather remains and the chump on the snout on the mask. 4 pieces of wooden spikes I screwed on top of the mask. Then, I stuck several coats of gauze bandages around and around the head.
Now, I built the coat. I used potato sacks which I got very cheap in a do-it-yourself-store. This coat also was built without a needle and a thread. And this all with hot-glue.




© Thomas Riedel 2006