X-Wing Pilot (built 2001)

All started with our short trip to London and the visit of the exhibition "The Art of STAR WARS".
The exhibition was really worth every single D-Mark! At the included shop of the exhibitionfrom "Forbidden Planet" I bought the Don Post Helmet and the model kit of the "Virago".
Back home, I immediately started with the building of the uniform. Because I also want to make a uniform for Claudia, I made the work "stereo". First we bought two orange flightsuits
which are normally used by the navalpilots of our "Bundeswehr". There I had nearly nothing to change. Only some unnecessary strings on the zips didn´t looked good. Also I had to change the collar.
Then, I bought silicon-tubes with a diameter of 10mm. Then I built the white pinafore. For that, I took a white fabric and cut out the backside and the breast-parts each twice. So I had 4 parts. The fabric which later is in contact with the flightsuit, I layed flat on the table and put the parts of the tubes on it. Then I covered it with the other fabric and sewed in a distance of about 15mm on both side of the tube together. So, the characteristic bulges took shape, just we know it from the movie.
Through a friend in Northern Germany, I got the exact plans of the chest-box and the codecylinders which I made in plastic and wood. From silver painted car-belts (in Europe they are normally black) I made the belts and the signalcartridgebelt on the left leg. Finally I bought biker gloves and boots.
Now, our X-Wing Pilot uniforms were ready.

© Thomas Riedel 2001