Ewok Village (built 1984)

In the age of 15, I built in summer 1984 my first diorama.
I didn´t like the Kenner Playset "Ewok Village", because it looked too artificial, too much shining plastic, therefore I wanted to have a diorama, which consisted of real trees. I built a Diorama on a wooden plate and screwed a couple of 5 to 6 cm thick trunks on it. From branches, I built a hanging-bridge (drilled and collected on paket-strings), the balconies of each cabins and the "Villagecentralplace". On the groundplate, I formed with styropor and PU-foam several hills. Then, the ground and the hills were stroked with glue and spreaded with grass.
The bushes are made from little bushes which grow on trees in Northern Italy (Dolomiti Mountains). The cabins, are made from egg-shaped "Mon Cherie"- acrylglasboxes. For that, I cut the backside and the bottom away and sticked the bottom on the top of the egg. The cabins, I fixed with wet-room-surfacer on the trunks. The roofs, I sticked with crunched barks of trees. Then I painted the cabins and the wet-room-surfacer, etc.
Also, I modelled the "Barbecuefire" with little stones, crossed branches and a barbecue-stick on which Han Solo was bound and should be roasted. Also the sticks, on which Luke and Chewie were bound. Also, I builded the wooden throne for C3-PO.
Many years later, 1997, I built a light-electronic from a LGB-Steamlocomotive in the diorama (Fireholeflicker).
I hided the electronic in the greater hill, where I made a big hole inside for that. Then I installed the little lamps in the Barbecue-fire and some torches.


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© Thomas Riedel 2002