Rebel Briefing on Home One (built 2002)

The wish, to build this Diorama, existed already since a longer time. Mainly the wish was born, because from Kenner/Hasbro some figures were released, which I find in their edition very nice and specially in this scene from Episode 6, they are all together in a very monumental moment.
These figures are: Mon Mothma, Admiral Ackbar, the Mon Calamari Officers, and the cinema scene set "Rebel Pilots".
First, I built again a wooden box. So, I built groundplate, sideplates and rearplate. Measures:
Width:50 cm, Height: 30 cm, Depth (length) 40 cm
Then I marked the centerpoint of the circle, on which later the hologramprojector was placed. The circle is open, what means that on the rear part of the circle, the circle touch the rearplate. On the frontside, the circle cuts the frontplate, which later will be in wood and acrylglas.
Then, I built from circle-segments the stays on which later, the inner-wall (from polystyrol) of the Briefing-Room is screwed on. After it, I cut from a plate some diameters out and mounted them on different high stays, which later will form the characteristic look of an amphi-theatre.
On the frontsides of the levels, I screwed stripes of polystyrol. In this way, the sitting area closes up with the upper edge of the stripes. On the feet-parts however, there remained same as in the movie, an edge, which should prevent the people sitting on a lower level not to get the boots in their back from their comrades, sitting one level higher behind them. In the niches between the single innerwallsegments, I built the doors with door-frames from milled cross-lamellas, therefore the look of the sliding-doors, like it was in the movie, really developed. Finally, the building of the hologramprojector started. From a tubesegment and an old disc of an hand-grinding machine, I built the projectortable. He got some switches, etc.
For the hologram of Endor, I took a 9 cm acrylglasball, which you can put together from two parts. It was from a "windowcolour"-set for painting as a christmas-tree-ball. I painted it according to the photos of the movie green and blue. Through a 2 cm long, yellow painted acrylglasstick, the Endor-holo was connected with the holo of the 2nd Deathstar. For the Deathstar, I took a 8 mm perl from a plastic-perl-chain from my little niece "Franziska" (Hey Franzi, thanks for helping your old STAR WARS-mad uncle!!!). Within I milled the missing segments of the 2nd Deathstar. Finally, I built from brass the "projector-rack", which fixed the Endor-Holo. I mounted this rack on a little gear-motor (circling 1 times a second), which I mounted before in the projectortable. In the underside of the diorama, I milled a little cable-canal, in which i layed a thin cabel and soldered it with the transformator on the rearside of the diorama and of course also with the gear-motor.
So, the projection of the Forestmoon of Endor with the 2nd Deathstar turn around and around while the Rebels listen silent and with great respect the speach of their leaders, Admiral Ackbar and Mon Mothma.
Finally, there came the painting of the whole diorama. Mostly, all was painted white. Later came printouts for the wall (thank to Niubniub´s Universe!!!) and the acrylglas-discs on the roof with the yellow straight and round signs (still don´t know the meaning of it).
Although, the diorama is ready, I still have plans to put a lamp inside the Endor-holo to iluminate it. But this is not so easy, because I have to make contact-rings on witch contact-stripes touch during the rotation. Otherwise I got no electricity for the lamp.

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© Thomas Riedel 2002