Jedi Council (built 2003)

Here, the idea to build these Diorama began after a visit at the website of Frank D. Lorio ( I can give a great recommendation for all diorama-builders for these website! Frank placed here not only a selection of beautiful diorama-pictures from a great number of STAR WARS diorama-builders of the world, but he also provides back-grounds and blueprints for download. Therefore, included are the pictures of the skyline of Coruscant and the floor-relief of the Jedi-Council. Frank also built this diorama himself. But he chose the diameter so, that the 7 Jedi-Council-Members which Kenner-Hasbro built, fit in.

But I wanted to build the Jedi-Council with all 12 members.

First I built the corpus of the diorama. For that, I saw two wooden discs (about 13mm thick ) in a diameter of 60cm. In one of the both discs, I saw out an additional circle in the centre, so a 6cm thick ring remained. I abraded it and painted it grey. Then I cut from a 1mm thick flexible acrylglas a stripe of 20cm height and a length of about 1,20m out and sticked the printed skyline of Coruscant on.
Then I built the column. For that, I cut 5 pieces of a eloxated aluminium-tube with a length of 17,4cm. I made a technical drawing of the column-cover. The fact is, that the tubes penetrate the oblique plain. I draw the exact oblique plain in the 3-perspective-view.
Then I cut the paper out and layed it on the plastic-pieces and draw the shape on. Then I cut it out, sticked the cover together and painted it also grey. Finally I fixed the eloxated alu-tubes through the covers and screwed the tubes on the floor- and the roof-plate.
Then I cut a disc of acrylglas out and screwed it with the wooden roof-ring. Then I drilled holes for dowels horizontal into the floor- and roof-plates, put the dowels into, drilled the stripes with the Skyline-pictures and screwed them on the floor- and the roof-plates. On the front-side remained a free space of about 20cm, which I closed with a plain acrylglas.

Next, I had to build the 5 remaining customized figures.

Depa Bilapa I build with the body of a Adi Galia figure and the head of Leia (Bespin) and placed on the forehead a tiny colour-point.

Yarel Poof I build complete out of Fimo. For the long neck I took a stiff wire and covered it into the Fimo. That was important during baking the Fimo, so head and neck don´t turn down.

Oppo Rancisis I built also with Fimo. For the hair I took "Angel´s Hair", what you easily can buy at christmas-markets and what is normaly used for angels and "Christkindl".

Even Piell I built also with Fimo. For the head I took a Han Solo head and drilled a horizontal hole into, then I put a stiff wire into and modulated ears with Fimo. The boots I took also from Han Solo.

Yaddle is just a Yoda-figure with Angel´s Hair. I formed just additional legs in an downward angle with Fimo. Also with Yoda I did this the same way.

The seats of Yaddle and Even Piell are the same seats like the one of Yoda. The other seats I had to build with Fimo. Frank D. Lorio just built one type of the two different seats (not including the Yoda-type seat) and copied it with resin. I decided it to build all seats with Fimo.

To get the figure of Eeth Koth in sitting position, I had to change some things at the figure. So I had to bring the legs into an angle. By the way: To whom who didn´t recognized it yet: The Eeth Koth figure is one of the less Kenner/Hasbro-figure, where the legs couldn´t be angled. So, I had to cut notches behind the knees and the backside, also cut the coat suitable. Now, the figure could sit.

For Mace Windu, Ki Adi Mundi, Saese Tinn, Plo Koon and Adi Galia I just had to cut notches behind the knees, to turn the lower legs.

Then I painted the chairs. After it, I mounted the figures at the chairs. For that, I screwed the figures from the underside of the bottom-plate and screwed also the chair with the backside of the figure. Then I screwed the chair with the bottom-plate. Finally I painted the figures.
Ready was the Diorama.

Meanwhile I read in the internet, that Kenner/Hasbro has plans to bring further Jedi-Council-members on chairs. Because I think that these figures look better than my figures, I certainly will swop them with my ones.


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© Thomas Riedel 2002 / 2003