Yavin Ceremony
Chewie gets nothing again!
(built 2004)

The lucky circumstance to release this diorama in this shape, I own to Woolworth, who were so lovely to sell the Rebel Fleet Trooper for 1,99 € each. I was just lucky to come on the right day to see this offer and bought some of them.
Some weeks ago, I had the idea, to build each of my both ladies of my heart a diorama. As my daughter Leia likes so much the romance of Anakin and Amidala, I first wanted to build her the diorama "Secret Ceremony on Naboo", so the wedding of Anakin and Amidala, and for my wife Claudia, as a fan-veteran of the old trilogy the diorama "Yavin Ceremony". I first started with the "Yavin Ceremony"-diorama.
Hardly the stairs were just ready, Leia said, she wanted this diorama.
Claudia said that she also would be happy about the "Secret Ceremony on Naboo" and that Leia is free in her decision.
Well, so Leia got the "Yavin Ceremony" diorama.
But now the report:

First, I built from a 6mm thick wood again a corpus with the measures width x height x room depth: 40cm x 27cm x 45cm. The connection of the single plates happened through squared timbers. Then I sawed the stairs from a profile 30mm x 15mm and a width of 17cm.
I screwed six stairs together, so the next higher step began in the half length, so 15mm. So the stairs were 15mm high and 15mm long at a width of 17cm.
At the front side near the stairs and on the sides directly at the stairs, I screwed vertical wooden plates, which separate the area below the stairs from the area above the stairs.
Then, I build a plateau where the stairs ended, which nearly is in the level of the helmets of the below standing troops.

Then I built pylons at the left and at the right side. They begin below with 5cm width, 20cm high and 3cm thick wedges, which I sawed in this way that the cut went from half of the upper narrow side down to the right or left end. The upper part was added; it is also 5cm width but continuously 15mm thick and only 7cm high.
These pylons, I mounted at the walls in that way, that they begin at the front edge of the diorama and then following 2cm separated from each other. On the plateau, I shortened the pylons from the height of the plateau.
Next, I built the columns. For this, I draw in a 6mm thick wooden square with a size of 5cm x 5cm exactly in the centre a circle with a diameter of 2,5cm.
Around this circle, I constructed 10mm circles, which lay exactly next to each other.
Finally, I drilled the centre of these circles. Then, I took 15cm high and 10mm thick round wood, drilled them on both ends right in the middle and screwed them with the wooden square, so the sticks stood in a half-circle. At the other end of the sticks, I also screwed wooden squares. Finally, a wooden square was mounted on each column, so they exactly reached the height of the diorama side plates.

Then I mounted the columns on a line, which I draw between the fifth left pylon and the fifth right pylon. Behind the columns, I mounted a wooden profile, which was 2cm thick, 4cm high and 328mm thick, which was according to the pictures of the movie a little wall in front of a glass-roofed court.

Next, I put white wood glue on the pylons, the front sides of the plateau, the sides next to the stairs and the little wall. Then, I took normal sand and strewed it into the glue. When the glue was hard, I cleaned the diorama from the remaining sand, surfaced and abraded all drillings and screw heads in the internal area of the diorama. Then, I painted the complete internal area of the diorama grey. The sanded parts looked after the painting like real sandstone.

Claudia gave me artificial plants, made of plastic. In the size of the figures, they looked indeed like leaves from a jungle, what indeed fit to Yavin.
I stuck single branches at the pylons, the vertical areas and the columns.
Finally I mounted the necessary figures.

12 of the 38 figures in this diorama are customized figures
How I costumized them, you can read in the single figure reports.

Here is the list of the figures:


16 x Rebel Fleet Trooper (Tantive 4)
4 x X/Y Wing Rebel Pilots
1 x C-3PO
1 x R2-D2
1 x Leia Ceremonial (from Two-Pack with Luke)
1 x Luke Cermonial (from Two-Pack with Leia)
1 x Han Solo
1 x General Jan Dodonna


4 x Rebel Technician
4 x Rebel lower Officers
2 x Rebel Honour Guard
1 x Chewbacca
1 x Rebel General

At the end, the outside parts of the diorama were surfaced, abraded, painted grey and finally, the Diorama was closed by Acryl glass.

For larger images click the pictures.

© Thomas Riedel 2004