Endor Rebel Soldier Rifle

I built the rifle from different HT-tubes and round wood. I had a 1:1 scale picture from the left view, which I analysed in it´s geometrical boddies and from which all diameters and lengths were defined. The hand-piece is from a 40mm thick table plate, covered with a corrugated plate.
The piece parts are screwed together or glued with hot-glue. The telescopic sight was mounted with a wall clamp.
The shoulder strut is fix, but can be removed by screwing out three screws. In the tube, there is a connection for a sound module and a loud speeker. The cables are connected with a tip-bottom as trigger. With the hot glue, I imitated the welded joints. With a brass angle and a strap, I built the shoulder strap. Finally, the rifle was painted all over black.
If you read this building report, you might think, to build this weapon took not much time. Instead, the building of the ten rifles for our Endor Rebel Soldier project lastet over a half year.

© Thomas Riedel 2006