Jabbas ubrikian Sailbarge Khetanna (built 1998 / 1999)

I had two Tatooine Skiffs and wanted to have also a Sailbarge fitting to this size. Unfortunately, the sailbarge never had been produced by Kenner. So, I took the "STAR WARS- Technisches Handbuch" (don´t know the name of the english edition). Within was a blueprint of the left side. From the movie, I knew that the railing was in belly-height of the guardians. So, I had a first hint, of the size and I calculated the scale of the plan. When I had the first calculation of the length in Kenner-figure size ready, I was totally shocked: The sailbarge would had been 3m long! Boom! This can not be!
And where should I store such a long thing?
Again calculator to the hand and making one trick after the other. Finally, when I decided, to lower the upper-deck 1,5cm down, so the figures still stand in belly-height and nevertheless railing, total height, total width and total length still were proportional, I had finally a length of 1,0m.
Super, that was it so: length: 1,0m width: 0,3m height: 0,4m

Now, I was able to start. First I made a paper-modell. I build it like real ships in the rib-building-way.
The oval on the front side was most difficult, because it consisted of 15 pairs of right-angled triangles in different sizes. All ribs pointed at their right-angle on one common point.
Same thing on the stern, but there, it was exactly a half-circle. The upper-deck consists of 3 levels:
Basic level: where Luke fought with his lightsaber against the guardians
Middle level: where Leia operated the cannon.
Top level: where the railing ended (below is Jabba´s sleeping room).
Finally, all the ribs were covered with paper around. Ready was the barge-corpus.Completed with sail, cannon, rudders and railing. All was painted and ready was the paper-modell.
I was very happy with the result, although, it had at this moment no side-planks (the planks, on wich Luke pulled himself to the upper-deck).

Nearly one year later, I build the real modell made from wood, glasfi-bre, brass, plastic, surfacer and red fabric (the sails). At the end, after 3 months building-time, it was like the paper-modell, but now it had all windows, the finishing on the underside, the three engines, etc.

It was simply said, absolutely Jabba´s ubrikian Sailbarge!

© Thomas Riedel 2002