MTT (Multi Troop Transport) of the Trade Federation
from STAR WARS-Episode 1
(built 2003 / 2004)

After Building the AT-TE, I had the idea to build also the MTT in 4-inch size.
So, I took also the Action Fleet Model and calculated every measure.
I came to a factor of 5. But so, the model would have been with over 1 Meter too large.
I recalculated it with factor 4, same I did with the AT-TE. That worked lightly. But I had to accept a compromise at the Battle Droid Carrier. While Downloading, you see in the movie 5 rows vertical and 8 rows horizontal, all double on both sides, so a total of 80 Battle Droids.

By the way a little remark: Like often times, wrong information are published in the STAR WARS FACT FILES. I like the Fact Files because of its very good reference pictures. They show seldom pictures, partly during the shooting of the movies. Therefore they are very good for model building. But the written information you can forgot mostly.

In my model, there are only 3 rows vertical and 6 rows horizontal, likewise on the other side, so a total of 36 Battle Droids. For the greatest reason, I did this because of the little space I have, because the MTT should not be so big. I want to build a "Battle of Naboo" diorama later. In that, the MTT will be a part of it. Finally, it is also a question of the costs, how many Battle Droids you take. I choose a low price Battle Droid variant: The Brake-Apart Battle Droids in bubble and bag.

First I took each measure of the Action Fleet MTT and draw it in computer to a complete shape of the surface. Than I began the building of the Battle Droid Carrier. Therefore, I collected all pictures I got for and invented a believable mechanic, which look alike, as the Battle Droids could indeed be downloaded by it. Next step was to customize the Battle Droids. Therefore, I had to cut all knee- hip- and arm-joints in that way, that all turning-segments are diverted vertical, but still remained to the according arm, leg, etc. Same I did with the neck. So, I made all Droids "sitting". Sounds easy like described, but lasted more than a month (at about 40 hours in total), until I had all Battle Droids ready.

Then, I made the corpus of the MTT. I built it also with 2mm thick Polystyrol plates.
At the surface, I cut the structure lines in, as seen at the Action Fleet model. The Main Door can be opened, same the angle-part below. The Rear-Door is stuck on the corpus. The cannonballs in front are made of wood same I made at the AT-TE´s Cannonballs and also turnable.

Inside at rear, I mounted two round-profiles, which lead the U-Profiles of the Battle Droid Carrier exactly while pulling out or pushing in.
At the End, I painted everything.

The building time was total, of from planning with some brakes, from June 2003 till January 2004.

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© Thomas Riedel 2004