Kyle Katarn
(Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight)

Kyle Katarn, who became part of history in the STAR WARS galaxy as the "Aquisitor" of the plans of the first Death Star, is certainly one of the most important figures of the "Expanded Universe". First, he was a soldier of the Empire and go over to the Rebel Alliance, after he was informed that his father, Morgan Katarn, was killed by the Empire. He was it, who stole with the help of Crix Madine the plans of the first Death Star and transmitted it via radio to Princess Leia on board Tantive 4. His second job was the investigation and destruction of the imperial "Dark Trooper" project, a new generation of high shielded, heavy weaponed, flying trooper. His greatest adventure was without any doubt the fight against the seven Dark Jedi, who wanted to open in the "Valley of the Jedi" on Ruusan the crypt of the Jedi Cemetery and so release the soul-energy of thousands of killed Jedi and Sith push the galaxy through the misuse into the deepest and darkest darkness of the dark side forever.
In his new adventures (Jedi Knight 2), Kyle has to defend again the "Valley of the Jedi" which now is endangered by the "Army of the Remained". In "Jedi Knight 3" he is a Jedi Master at the new Jedi Academy on Yavin 4 and has to stand with Luke and the Padawans a lot of adventures in the galaxy.
Who want to know more about the Adventures of Kyle Katarn, should buy and play the Computer-Games "Dark Forces", "Dark Forces: Jedi Knight", "Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast" and "Jedi Knight 3: Jedi Academy".
Especially my favourite game is the second Dark Forces game "Dark Forces: Jedi Knight". Here, the movie-sequences between the game-levels were filmed with real actors, which gave the game and the story a special kick and gave a strong imagination that this is a real episode, at last a part of the SW-Universe. The plot of these story and parts of the first game "Dark Forces" were also very good literally adapted by William C. Dietz in his 3 books and supplied with super drawings from three illustrators. I like the pictures of Dave Dorman most, which personally I think he is the best STAR WARS -illustrator anyway.

When the figure of Kyle Katarn was released by Kenner-Hasbro in the so-called Expanded Universe"-line, I was very happy, nevertheless I don´t like the edition with bandoliers and heavy boots, like we can see Kyle in the first game (Dark Forces) I wanted much more the Kyle Katarn, like we saw in "Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight" Therefore, I customized the existing figure. I cut the trousers and boots in shape, also the bandoliers away. Also, the beard had to be changed a little bit, what later caused a repaint of the face.
On his right shoulder, he got the typical little leather pauldron and around his hips a weapon-belt. Both, I formed with "Stabilitt Express" from Henkel, what is very good for customizing figures. Then, I packaged the figure back in his bubble on card and supplied it with pictures and textures, which I made on my computer.

At last, I want to speak some nice words about the "Expanded Universe"-line from Kenner-Hasbro: These figures were absolutely fabulous!
First, because after "Shadows of the Empire" further figures from the "Expanded Universe" were released. Here, 3 Stories were supplied with figures, which characters now are real legendary in the STAR WARS universe.

Dark Forces: Kyle Katarn and Dark Trooper

Heirs of the Empire: Grand Admiral Thrawn, Mara Jade, Space Trooper

Dark Empire: Leia Jedi, Dark Luke, Clone Emperor, Imperial Sentinel

Second, these cards were made so super, because on the backside is a little foldable paper-diorama, that could be easily opened with a scissor or a knife from the upper edge of the card and quickly, the super display for the figures opened.

Two Examples:

Kyle Katarn stands in front of the landing ramp of an imperial shuttle

The Dark Trooper you see behind an Imperial Blaster, which Kyle Katarn holds in often time in the game in the typical ego-shooter way. On the sides, you see the values for life-points and blaster-energy.

To close this report, I want to express the hope that Kenner-Hasbro gets another time the idea to produce further figures from the Expanded Universe.
Characters would be enough to make a figure out of it. Don´t you think?

© Thomas Riedel 2002