Rebel Infiltrator

The Lucas Arts game "Force Commander" my most favorite PC-game. Especially I am fascinated by the commando-unit of the Rebel-Alliance, the "Rebel Infiltrators". These unit, founded by General Beri Tullon (a former imperial general, who changed the sites to the Rebel-Alliance), is specialized to take over AT-ATs and AT-STs. Also when taking over enemy-buildings this units have more success than regular Alliance Forces. In Battle on a open battlefield, they are not so good, but in vehicles and buildings, they are unbeatable.

The Infiltrator "Art" to take over AT-ATs and AT-STs:
First, the Infiltrators fly with their jet-packs to the belly of the Walker, blow up or cut an entrance hatch and penetrate the inner of the vehicle. In close combat with vibroknife and blaster (rifles are unsuitable because of their length) they fight their way to the cockpit free and take over the Walker for the Rebel Alliance. It is indeed spectacular when the imperial Walker (has a blue frame for easy recognition) changes suddenly its colour to red (colour of the Alliance) and now shot at the imperial units.
To complete these report, I have to mention, that the Infiltrators had their first appearance in the game "Rebellion". But in that game, there is not yet anything mentioned about their ability to take over vehicles.

Through coincidence, I found an action figure of another toyline.These toyline with the name "Special force - elite unit with moveable parts" from "Troll&Toy for Kids" of "The Toy Company" produces 4-inch action figures, which include special forces from police and military. Very nice detailed and for the spectacular price of 2,- Euro each figure. I have really to ask, why the STAR WARS-figures are so expensive, compared to that figures.

I cut the head with the helmet of this figure away, also the head of a POTF2 Endor Rebel Soldier and changed the heads. Then I cut from a Boba Fett jet-pack both rocket-engines away and sticked it on the sides of the pack of the Endor Rebel Soldier. First I had to cut away a tube on the pack, therefore, the rocket-engines have enough space for sticking on.
Finally I painted the figure complete black, also a mine from the new Han (Endor) figure.
Then I put the figure the mine in the left hand and a Han Solo blaster in the right hand. Ready was the Rebel Infiltrator.

© Thomas Riedel 2003