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Star Wars Dinner Nürnberg


Magnus Müller supports the Children Hospiz Sternenbrücke


Rebel Legion
In the native languages

The international costume club for the light side

The German Base of the international costume club Rebel Legion

Mexican Base of the Rebel Legion

Benelux Base of the Rebel Legion

Eagle Outpost (Poland) of the Rebel Legion

Elstree Base (UK) of the Rebel Legion

French Base of the Rebel Legion

Italian Base of the Rebel Legion



German Star Wars Sites


The Jedi community

Costume club of the light side

A good source for book infos

A very informative site

Timeline for books, comics and much more...

Don´t miss this site.

A fan site with many interesting informations.

...here are STAR WARS collectors at home!

The site for the Imperials

How to built a R2-R9 droid.



Foreign Star Wars Sites
In the native languages


Collector's Site


An interesting site for costume builders

A must for toy-hunters


A wonderful site for diorama builders




Who would like to build a functioning Bongo, some tips can get you here to
the building of model submarines
(in German)



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