The Art of STAR WARS - Artwork

Artists are involved at every stage in the making of the STAR WARS films. After conceiving the story, George Lucas turns to graphic artists to illustrate key scenes and characters. These artists produce concept designs, which are used as sources of information and inspiration during the making of the film. The Art of STAR WARS includes beautiful paintings by Ralph McQuarrie, who was the concept designer for all the films in the original trilogy. McQuarrie was the first to encap-sulate the look and feel of the first STAR WARS film, A New Hope: the yellows and browns of the dustbowl planet Tatooine as well as the industrial greys and blacks of the Death Star.

As a film comes closer to production, other artists produce storyboards. These sequences of images are used to illustrate many scenes and shots in the film, and The Art of STAR WARS includes examples of storyboards from the original trilogy by artist Joe Johnston, such as images showing the attack on the Death Star in A New Hope. Finally, matte paintings are used to create the background in particular scenes, and the exhibition includes a matte painting which stood in for the snowy landscape of Hoth in The Empire strikes back, as well as an computer generated `digital matte´ from The Phantom Menace.

Photos: Claudia Riedel