The Art of STAR WARS - Costumes

The STAR WARS films feature many different costumes. Actors wear costumes to play human characters like Luke and Leia, as well as to portray creature characters such as Chewbacca. The first room in this section features costumes from the original STAR WARS trilogy, and many of the clothes worn by the Rebels and their friends are very simple in form, such as Luke´s Jedi robes or the outfit of the smuggler Han Solo.

The second room features costumes from The Phantom Menace including two of the many costumes made for Queen Amidala and her handmaidens. The Queen´s costumes are very elaborate and colourful, and are designed to suggest the ancient culture of Naboo and the peaceful nature of the Old Republic. These costumes were based on sketches by Concept Designer Iain McCaig, interpreted by Costume Designer Trisha Biggar. "Every wardrobe in Episode I had a historical base," Biggar says, "but we changed the costumes to keep them from looking recognisably ethnic. There was an Asian influence, but there was also a miture of North African and fourteenth and fifteenth-century Europe."


Photos: Claudia Riedel