The Art of STAR WARS - Droids

There are many different droids in the STAR WARS universe, but one of the most famous is
C-3PO, who was played by Anthony Daniels in the original trilogy. Prior to filming, a golden fibre-glass and aluminium suit was designed to a life cast of Daniel´s body. The 60-pound suit of armour took two hours to assemble, and once applied was both restricting an uncomfotable. Nevertheless, Daniels made the role of the protocol droid his own, voicing C-3PO in the clipped English tones that typify his fussy manner.

For The Phantom Menace George Lucas wanted droids to replace the Imperial stormtroopers seen in the original trilogy. Design Director Doug Chiang arrived at the design of the battle droids by elongating the shape of the stormtrooper mask and making the body more skeletal. A few fibreglass models of full-size battle droids were unsed on set, while the remaining thousands of soldiers were computer-generated. With their mechanical movements the battle droids are one of the most striking visual elements in the film.

Photos: Claudia Riedel