in Eiche near Berlin
September 29, 2004

Originally the X-Wing should take place at the MakroMarkt in the Gesundbrunnen-Center in Berlin. Anyhow that was the conditions, as we had the last possibility to take a look in the Internet. We applied thus with Leia and granny, in order not to let this opportunity slip through our fingers. At the alleged place of the event we did not see anything.
On demand we experienced that the route had to be shifted at short notice after Eiche near Berlin, because the authorities of Wedding had made unrealizable injunctions for setting up the X-Wing. Thomas and I looked at each other and after short discussion we agreed that we drive to Eiche, which lie briefly behind the outer rim of Berlin. This was the point, where Leia's granny rebelled, because she is no STAR WARS fan. Thus only our small 3-person-assault party remained.
After relatively short time we achieved our goal, where the building up was in full course. Thomas had carried his imperial officer uniform and went his imperial officer uniform and went to the crew. Those were immediately enthusiastically and engaged him directly. Thus he came among other things to the task to moderate a quiz with which it gave to win as prices poster and as special a 3D-Relief of the old cinema poster motive. The X-Wing was natural the main attraction, although it was unfortunately not whole in size 1:1. In a tent four Playstation were installed, in which one could try the new STAR WARS game "Battlefront". And in the course of the day still a "Battlefront" competition should take place. In the second tent one had the opportunity to become by photo, a part of the STAR WARS universe by to be photographed before a STAR WARS background. After scarcely two hours three members of the German Garrison emerged, which put on their costumes. One hour later we made the way home, not without two STAR WARS lunch packages supplied of the grateful crew to us. Unfortunately the whole meeting was very meagre visited. Perhaps it was because of the bad weather, at the short term transfer of the place of event or also at the place of event. Because we had to state that there, in the former GDR, nobody knows very much about the classic STAR WARS trilogy.

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© Claudia Riedel 2004